• “Getting young teens to appreciate ancient tales may be difficult but Hennesy draws on the similarities of that age group helping to bring the generations together through the use of modern conversations and an action filled plot.” -- The Leaf-Chronicle (Clarksville, Tenn)

  • “Pandora Gets Vain is an enjoyable follow-up to the first book, Pandora Gets Jealous, and will leave you waiting anxiously for the next!”  --

  • “All the imagination, mystical magic, adventure, and colorful, larger than life characters you could wish for are packed between the covers of Pandora Gets Vain. It's a page-turning delight!” – Once Upon A Romance Review (Online)

  • “Pandora and her friends continue their quest to recover the evils that were accidentally released from her box. Here, the young protagonists travel to Egypt to track down vanity. Along the way, they encounter sea storms, helpful dolphins, ancient tombs, and a caravan of wonders, all the while being threatened by the plotting goddess Hera. Although set in classical times, this fantasy reads more like a current-day adolescent adventure. The characters use contemporary teenage idioms, making the text accessible to readers, and a glossary of gods, historical figures, and other relevant terms is provided. Classical Greek and Egyptian religion and history tread lightly in the story’s background, and certain elements have been modernized (Pandy uses a conch shell much like a cell phone). Action is balanced with dialogue and description, and a tongue-in-cheek tone casts a whimsical light upon the overall events.”–School Library Journal